The Thirsty Gargoyle


The Thirsty Gargoyle is a very well known tavern in the Market district. It is, as most people in New Pallis say, the busiest tavern in the entire city. Although it has various redeeming qualitites (such as it’s diverse menu of food and drink, both modest and luxury rooms, etc), the tavern is mostly known for it’s namesake, the talking Gargoyle above the front door. Nicknamed Jester, the gargoyle spends his days shouting his best insults at the would-be patrons of the tavern. Although his comments are quite rude, Jester is mostly just an amusement to the patrons of the Thirsty Gargoyle, and thus makes the tavern even more popular.

Known Extra Information/Player Interactions

The players have not traveled here yet…


Boiled salmon (3sp)
Grouse with gooseberry jam (4sp)
Veal cutlets (1gp)
Vegetable broth (3cp)
Roast suckling pig (1gp)
Apple cake (2cp)
Knucklehead trout (4gp)
Lamb cutlets (3sp)


Braised Crab and Fig Pie, Glass of Mead (4 sp)
Braised Crab with Cinnamon and Dried Apricot, Glass of Wine (2 sp)
Boiled Pork and Cashew Bread, Tankard of Cider (13 cp)
Poached Crayfish with Clove and Blackberry Tart, Glass of Whiskey (3 sp)
Smoked Chicken and Almond Bread, Tankard of Perry (10 cp)
Roasted Duck with Mustard and Currant Pie, Glass of Port (2 sp)


Butterbeer (1sp)
Thunderstorms (4sp)
Adventurers Tale (3sp)
Oak Dale Whisky (1gp)
Honeymeade (5sp)
Common Ale (5cp)
Krakens Revenge (5sp)
Ocean Foam (7sp)
Shayla (1gp)
Kings Apple (1gp)
Rose Garden (2gp)

Notable Patrons/Staff members

Derrik Farstrom – human tavern owner
Lyssa – regular waitress
Rurik Dankil – patron, dwarven trader
Andwise Buffin – halfling bard

The Thirsty Gargoyle

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