The Kingdom of Lorella

The Kingdom of Lorella used to span leagues upon leagues of terrain in the Valdia Forest. It’s capital, New Pallis, was the center of trade and commerce in the Old World. This, however, was before The Cataclysm, an event that shook the world to it’s very core. Now, it is a mere shell of it’s former existence. The only commerce that exists now in New Pallis is a shaky trade agreement with the dwarves, who are, at best, reluctant to share what little that they possess.


New Pallis is home to the 3 Great Houses, which in turn govern the different districts of the city.

House Nording

The current ruling house in New Pallis, headed by King Jorman Nording III.
District governed – The Dragon District
Heir – Prince Jorman Nording IV
House Beast – Dragon

House Rankett

The secondmost powerful house in New Pallis, which governs the portside district.
Head of Household – Doxton Rankett
District governed – The Kraken District
Heir – Henry Rankett l
House Beast – Kraken

House Duskendale

The least powerful house in New Pallis, which governs the main production district.
Head of Household – Rashek Duskendale
District governed – The Minotaur District
Heir – Rashek Duskendale II
House Beast – Minotaur

The Kingdom of Lorella

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