The Dusk District Gangs

Various sections of the Dusk district are at the mercy of certain gangs, all of which stake a claim to a section of the district to which they conduct their operations. Each gang sticks to a certain theme, presumably to retain individuality among the other criminals ranging through Dust.

The Brass Vipers

The Brass Vipers are a large, yet scattered collection of individuals and personalities ranging from cold, cruel assassins and thieves to beefy strongmen and soldiers. Their large size is mostly due to their unorthodox method of recruitment, where they will accept any who wish to join their gang, so long as they do a small initiation to prove their worth and loyalty. The hierarchy of the gang mostly consists of the various groups inside of the gang that are run by group leaders who rule by fear and beating others into submission. It is unknown if there are any ruling members of the gang itself.

The Syndicate

The only thing that the members of the Syndicate care about is the noise of coins jingling in their pouches. Everything that they do is to simply make themselves richer than they already are. The combined wealth of all the members of the Syndicate could more than likely buy out half of all of House Duskendale’s warehouses in the Minotaur district. As such, it is rumored that the Syndicate has had dealings with the noble house in the past. Although the Syndicate is not very selective in their initiation, each member must prove that they are worth their weight in gold in order to be accepted in.

The Nameless

Of all the gangs in Dusk, the least is known about the Nameless. This is largely due to the fact that all of it’s members are extremely secretive and skilled in their work. Many residents of Dusk (even those who are in another gang) are terrified of even going near the Nameless territory for fear of disappearing forever. There have been many rumors about the Nameless gang, all of which are unconfirmed and unfounded, ranging from a secret cult of an evil god, to secret government corruption.

The Dusk District Gangs

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