New Pallis Bounty Board


Outside the Expeditionary Force’s HQ is a contract/bounty board. It has been put in place as a main source of income for all would-be heroes in New Pallis. Civilians and nobles alike are allowed to post whatever they like, as long as they are willing to pay the set price. Contracts/Bounties range in difficulty and payout, from taking care of a simple rat infestation to dealing with an entire orc raiding camp.

Current Contracts

Gather materials for apprentices – The School of the Magi has put out a bounty regarding their current shortage of materials to train apprentices. They aren’t very clear on what they need, but it seems that they’re looking for “live specimens” of some sort…

Hired help on a fishing barge – House Rankett is currently hiring any and all able hands to assist on their various fishing trips. Although it is the prime season for Knucklehead trout, there have been many recent disturbances that are causing Kraken fishermen to seek hired help.

Hunt creatures terrorizing farmland – Two days ago, livestock began to disappear from local farmland north of New Pallis. Farmers have reported a large beast stealing away their cattle, but the reports are a bit jumbled and unorganized.

Investigate a graveyard outside of the city – Bodies have been disappearing from dug-up graves in the graveyards outside of New Pallis. Local farmers are hiring to find out who is doing this and why.

Completed Contracts

Take out Bex and his crew – A pesky goblin named Bex is leading a crew of goblins to terrorize the outskirts of New Pallis. Normally this could be handled by the New Pallis Guard, but the guard does not have the resources to actively search for the whereabouts of Bex’s hideout. This contract is for the destruction of Bex’s hideout and gang, with a bonus for the capture of Bex himself, dead or alive.

New Pallis Bounty Board

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