New Pallis


New Pallis: the last bastion of hope for law and order in the world.


1000 years ago, New Pallis was the economic capital of The Kingdom of Lorella. This, however, was before The Cataclysm. Now, New Pallis is a shadow of it’s former existence, and is reliant on Adventurers to go out into the unknown to further expand the kingdom.

The patron deity of New Pallis is Iomedae.

New Pallis is separated into 5 distinct districts: Dragon, Kraken, Minotaur, Market and Dusk.

The Districts

Dragon – the Dragon district (otherwise known as the Noble district) is where most of the nobility in New Pallis reside. The Royal Palace itself also makes it’s home in the Dragon district, as well the estates of House Nording and various other smaller houses. Some other notable landmarks include the The Hall of Kings and a colossus of Iomedae and The Metrodome.

Kraken – the Kraken district (otherwise known as the Portside district) is where all manner of seafaring goods come from. One main export is the knucklehead trout, which is not only a rare food delicacy, but also is used for the ivory, which can be used to carve into various sculptures and craft items. Notable landmarks include the Knucklehead tavern and Port Mandius.

Minotaur – the Minotaur district is well known both for it’s advances in production as well as it’s shady business practices. It is unknown whether or not House Duskendale knows of it’s district’s shady reputation, but many speculate that the nobles of the house are aware, and even partake in some of these practices. There are many different warehouses, storage areas, etc. Notable areas include the Optical Objects Trading House.

Market – true to it’s name, the Market district is the busiest district in all of New Pallis. Not many people make their homes here due to the overcrowded nature of the Market district’s streets, but this is overlooked due to the simple fact that the Market district is home to almost all of the commerce in New Pallis. It is every merchant’s dream to own a spot in the Market district of New Pallis, because those who do will known wealth beyond what was possible before. Almost any kind of merchandise can be found here, from simple food rations to exotic magical items. But, of course, everything has it’s own price. Some notable locations in the Market district are The Thirsty Gargoyle, Martin’s Menagerie, Iomedae’s Cathedral, and the Tree of the Old Age.

Dusk – the Dusk district of New Pallis is generally considered to be the slums of the city. Of all the districts, Dusk is the one with the most populous, as those who cannot afford to live in any other district are forced to live in cramped tenements in Dusk. This district is also home to various other shops and places that have no place in the other levels of New Pallis, such as brothels, drug dealers, etc. There are also rumors of a growing Thieves Guild rising in the lowest parts of Dusk. Some notable parts of the Dusk district are The Rusty Pipe and Reaver’s Market. Duskers typically speak with a twang in their voices, resulting in a distinct accent that varies between different people.

New Pallis

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