Festival of Heroes


The Festival of Heroes is an annual festival that is hosted in the Dragon district by all the major noble houses. It is a celebration that is held to honor past adventurers that saved New Pallis from disaster, as well to praise the new generation of would-be heroes. Activities during the festivals include feasts for certified adventurers, various games (and prizes), and much more. Other highlights of the show include The Contest, The Golden Laurel Games, and other performances that take place in The Metrodome.

The Contest

This activity during the festival is a dueling contest that is arranged in the style of a tournament. Although it is one of the smaller events of the festival, it usually attracts the largest crowd, due to the fact that it involves various nobles who are particularly famous within the city’s populous. It is that that those who win The Contest are destined for great things.

The Golden Laurel Games

The biggest activity in the entire festival, this event consists of many different contests of skill. These range from mounted jousts, to archery competitions, to magical duels and acrobatic shows. Although less flashy than The Contest, it is still a widely viewed event whose winners are well rewarded.

Festival of Heroes

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