The Adem


Tribe speaks native tongue (Ademic) – clan leaders and higher authorities speak Infernal as well
Hunting Clan members wear armor made from the bones of hunted animals
Members of the tribe wear masks of their own design, with the exception of the Chief
It is considered insulting to go in public without a mask, as normally only the Chief has that honor
Typically, each mask has distinct features depending on the job of the individual wearing the mask. There are some features that are standard issue, but all else is left up to the wearer.
The tribe has a warrior culture, where each member, man or woman, is trained to fight.

Special Masks
Visitor Mask: a wooden mask of simple design, covers only the top half of the face
Clan Leader Mask: a dragon mask that is painted gold, with a red border
Children Mask: a human-shaped mask with a smiling face and human ears

When children get old enough, they undergo a trial as a sort of rite of passage, during which they craft their own masks.

Adem Campsite

The Adem’s home is in a large clearing near a waterfall. The top of their camp starts at the top of the waterfall, while the rest of which extends down the waterfall to the base, where the tribe uses the base of the waterfall as a source of water.For the most part, everybody builds and maintains their own stretches of property (I.E. their house) on their own, while going about their jobs during the day. Most of the population are warriors, guards or hunters, while the elders of the tribe take care of the food management/production. Reaching the age of Elder is considered a high honor among the Adem. Some of the oldest warriors are even confidants of the Chief.

Notable People

Chief Ka’Besh – Adem tribe Chief
Kessell – Hunting Clan warrior/translator – helps PC navigate camp

The Adem

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