Alvina Rasti

A young sorcerer fresh out of the Tower of Magi


Alvina does not remember much of her childhood before the fire anymore. The little she does remember involves her showing her mother a tiny fire she was able to hold in her hands without getting hurt. But once her mother began to panic, her elevated level of emotion caused her to ignite the spark. From there all she remembers is a bright flash of light, her mother’s screams, and the fumes of smoke in her nostrils. Shortly after the accident, her father gave her away, at the tender age of 3, to the Tower of Magi.

Shortly after leaving the Tower of Magi, Alvina began to experiment with different kinds of magic to create items of power. It was through the selling of these items that she acquired enough money to make a stable living. With this money she bought her own house, complete with a modest sized laboratory room with which she could experiment to her heart’s content.

Alvina Rasti

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