Pathfinder -The Last City

The world has ended. 1000 years ago, a great catastrophe occurred that resulted in the complete destruction of entire civilizations. There is only one great city left standing of the 9 that once stood. The Dwarves have retreated underground, taking with them most gnomes, halflings and some choice humans. The Elves have retreated into the Fey in isolation, rarely ever emerging.

The last city, New Pallis, is sub par at best. Home to over 500,000 people, the city is overcrowded and miserable. For normal folk, every day is a challenge, for the lowest of peasants to the most highborn of nobles. However, for those who have strength, the call of adventure could never be stronger. Every so often, enough of these adventurers will form expeditions, and leave the city to venture into the unknown. Most never return, and those who do are forever changed.

Out in The Wastes, there lies many untold treasures and secrets to make one not only rich, but also powerful beyond comprehension. Perhaps, even, the secrets behind the world’s destruction…

The Heroes of The New Age

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