The Rusty Pipe


The Rusty Pipe is, quite possibly, the most shady tavern in all of New Pallis. It tends to have a reputation for various activities, which include (but are not limited to) shady dealings in back rooms, questionable food and drink, as well as questionable business practices. Another main notable frature of The Rusty Pipe is it’s center ring in the middle of the tavern that is made specifically for the night’s entertainment. Said entertainment can range from a fledgling bard’s first performance to the bouncers beating a noisy patron to a bloody pulp.

Known Extra Information/Interactions

The party has not traveled here yet…

“Knucklehead” trout (1gp)
Vegetable broth (3cp)
Evening Pie (1sp)
Mystery Stew (1sp)
Mystery meat (5sp)
Clear soup (2cp)
Boiled turnips (5cp)
Apple cake (2cp)

Extras Menu
Sadia (varies)
Aliza (varies)
Skye (varies)
Harvina (varies)


Boiled Radish, Mug of Ale (3 cp)
Salted Partridge and Dried Radish, Tankard of Cider (10 cp)
Barley Bread and Blue Cheese, Mug of Stout (3 cp)
Stewed Pork and Curd Cheese, Tankard of Perry (8 cp)
Boiled Oxen and Lettuce, Tankard of Mead (12 cp)
Vegetable Stew, Mug of Stout (5 cp)
Rye Porridge, Mug of Ale (4 cp)

Dirty Pint (1sp)
Troll Piss (3sp)
Brawl Breaker (4cp)
Gut Rot (2cp)
Werewolf Blood (5sp)
Beggars Brandy (3sp)
Dragon Blood (6sp)
Merry Frog (1gp)

Notable Staff/Patrons

Talia Wilton – bartender/cook
Reaver – tavern owner
Brick – half-orc bouncer
Mumbles – half-orc bouncer, mute
Sadia – half-elf, popular “entertainer”

The Rusty Pipe

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