New Pallisian Nobility Courts and the Government

Closed Council Members
High Justice Blane Driswen – Head of the Judiciary System
Lord Chancellor Polin Lucent – Responsible for the Treasury of the Kingdom
Lord Marshal Quellon Candal – Senior Commander of the Army, does not go on campaign
Lord Chamberlain Talbyn Layton – Senior Officer of the Royal Household, presides over Open Council meetings

Knight Commander Ezekiel Karthys – Commander of Minotaur
Knight Commander Marston Harkon – retired Commander of Dusk


Lord Marshal Candal – Highest ranking member of the military, is a member of the Closed Council
High Commander Heartrich – Commands every knight in New Pallis
Knight Commanders – 4 Knight Commanders command the garrisons in Dusk, Market, Minotaur and Kraken. Have a lot of authority within their district
Lieutenants – 2 Lieutenants per garrison, helps Knight Commander manage the district
Knights – formally only have to listen to their specific Knight Commander, used as specialized units
Sergeant – One for each squad of Guards in each garrison
Guardsman – your standard guardsman

Open Council vs Closed Council

The Open Council is held in The Hall of Kings, in a large theatre towards the back of the building. The building is filled with rows of benches in a half-circle. Where the stage would typically be is a dais with a high table reserved for the King and Lord Chamberlain. More important nobles sit close to the front of the assembly area, whereas less important nobles sit near the back. Higher up, there is a public gallery for others in attendance. During each session, soldiers line the curved walls.

The Closed Council is made up only of the four High Lords of the Kingdom, the High Justice, Lord Chancellor, Lord Marshal and Lord Chamberlain. The Closed Council, as well as the Open Council, are used as checks to keep the vast powers of the King in check. If important emergency decisions must be made, however, the Closed Council has a very important role in the decision making.

New Pallisian Nobility Courts and the Government

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