New Pallis


New Pallis. The last city of mankind in the known world. Governed by the old The Kingdom of Lorella, it is the only surviving city of the Old World.


1000 years ago, New Pallis was the economic capital of The Kingdom of Lorella. before the Cataclysm.


The patron deity of New Pallis is Iomedae. Although Iomedae is the main source of worship, there is a large pantheon dedicated to the worship of all good/neutral aligned gods, ranging from Cayden Cailean to Phrasma. The clerics of the pantheon have dedicated their lives to keeping the worship of each of the gods alive through preaching and conversion of the masses.


New Pallis is separated into 5 distinct districts: Dragon, Kraken, Minotaur, Market and Dusk.

New Pallis

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