Marcus Willes


Marcus Wille is a 6 foot half-elven summoner with short brown hair and bright green, human looking eyes. He is a people person, not liking to be alone. In the event that he isn’t surrounded by people, he likes to have conversations with his eidolon, Rexer.

Lost a finger to a Sahuagin trident attack.


Born of Martha (his elven mother) and Agnus Payne (his human father, owner of a weapon smith) of the Market Distrcit, Marcus Payne always wanted to find a place that was more than just the walls of New Pallis. One day, while working his father’s shop. He saw a peculiar man with a book that emanated a powerful aura from it. So, like most people who see something they wanted, he politely borrowed (stole) it. After reading through the its pages, he realized that the best way to get away would be through the use of the arcane arts. Many years of trial and error (but mostly error) passed, and he finally was able to summon a ferocious, unnamed beast which turned out to have formed a connection with Marcus. This ability to decipher and read magic caught the attention of a well known mage, Geoffrey Wille, who became Marcus’s Master/Sponsor during his time in the School of Magi. But before he could head off, his father, who detested magic, had to agree to send him to the School of Magi, which was a difficult task. When Marcus asked, obviously, his father said no; however, after many arguments, the issue caused so much turmoil that Agnus disowned and casted Marcus from his home. Geoffrey, not wanting such talent to go to waste, adopted him. Marcus Payne, in turn, became Marcus Wille, and trained under his master for 10 hard years. Now, fully trained in the art of summoning, he works alongside Rexer and believes he’s finally ready for life outside the walls.

Marcus Willes

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